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About Bronze Pumps
Bronze (an alloy of tin with copper and other elements) resists corrosion in fresh water and salt water. Iron- and steel-bodied pumps start to rust and rot as soon as they are wetted, but bronze-bodied pumps can provide reliable service for many years.
Jabsco offers a range of bronze-bodied self-priming pumps for circulation, transfer and cooling duties. Simple, rugged and easily serviced, they can generate pressures up to 2 bar (30 psi), equivalent to a 60-foot head of water. They will self-prime rapidly from dry, so that the liquid starts moving within seconds. (Self-priming centrifugal pumps can take minutes to get going).

Jabsco bronze pumps are available in the configurations shown here:

Pump heads with mounting brackets, to suit standard IEC frame electric motors (B34, with C-face flange & feet)
Foot-mounted pumps with bare shaft (i.e. no motor, coupling or adapter); suitable for direct drive via a flexible coupling, or belt drive via a pulley.