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About Circulation Pumps
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For cooling water circulation on refrigerators and air conditioners, and for wet central heating systems

Circulation pumps are designed to create a flow of liquid against low resistance. Because the liquid returns to its starting point, the net static head is zero, and the only resistance to flow is the friction offered by the pipe walls, bends, elbows and other fittings in the circuit.
Use pipework with a bore at least as large as the nominal bore of the pump ports.

For best results:
  • Keep pipework as short and straight as possible.

  • Use swept bends in preference to sharp elbows.

  • Avoid narrow-bore fittings or other restrictions.


Pumps of this type usually run continuously so they need to be quiet and efficient, with minimal drain on the battery. The limited shaft seal life of a conventional centrifugal pump is overcome by the seal-less magnetic drive in JABSCO's 59520-series pump.

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No Jabsco pump should be used for petrol, solvents or any liquid with a flash point below 37oC( 98oF)