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About D.C. Diesel Refuelling Pumps
JABSCO D.C. sliding-vane pumps are purpose-designed to handle diesel fuel, gas oil, kerosene and paraffin rapidly and efficiently, delivering high flow rates with minimal battery drain. Positive sliding-vane action ensures quick self-priming from dry.
Unlike a centrifugal pump, the JABSCO sliding-vane pump clears most of the residual fuel from the hose when the supply vessel is empty. It is suitable for use over a wide temperature range, and is not at risk from winter anti-waxing compounds added to diesel fuel.


JABSCO diesel transfer pumps are designed to handle free-flowing diesel and similar oils. To handle hydraulic oils, which are more viscous than diesel oil, JABSCO manufacture the 23590-series pump.

IMPORTANT NOTE: always use the recommended size of hose, for maximum flow, and to avoid the risk of motor overload.
For transferring engine lubricating oils, a JABSCO sliding-vane pump is not recommended. Use instead a JABSCO Utility Pump, or contact JABSCOshop for a recommendation.
Draining lubricating oil out of a marine engine via the dipstick hole requires a slow pumping rate through small-bore tubing. Contact JABSCOshop for a recommendation.
For pumps for gear oils and other heavy grades, contact us for a recommendation.

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No Jabsco pump should be used for petrol, solvents or any liquid with a flash point below 37oC( 98oF)