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Help with Dr Waring the Spare Parts Wizard

Dr Waring has complete spare parts listings for over 600 Jabsco products. His knowledge of new and old Jabsco products is continually expanding. If you cannot find what you want please contact us .


If you have the Jabsco model number or part number for the item you want, key it into the search box on the right.

  1. If the product is in the shop it will be displayed. For spares, click on the text or the picture to go to the detail page. Scroll down the page. If there is a spare parts list, you will see Dr Waring on the page.
  2. Dr Waring also knows about many Jabsco products that are not in the shop. In these cases, he will display information to help you confirm their identity. Click on your item to see the spare parts list.

If you don't know the model number of your Jabsco product follow the wizard answering the questions by choosing from the lists of options. Dr Waring will do his best to lead you to the correct spare parts for your product.