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Frequently Asked Questions
Are you the manufacturers of LVM products?
No. LVMshop is a division of Cleghorn Waring Pumps, the UK's leading specialist suppliers of marine pumps and products. The manufacturer is Xylem, see About Us for more information,

Can I charge my 24V battery system?

All the LVM Aerogen wind generators are available in 24V. All solar panels are 12V as supplied, but can be wired in series to produce 24V

Can I power a fridge with a solar panel or wind charge?

This depends on how efficient the fridge motor is, how thick the insulation is, and how full the fridge is. You then need to account for how much sun or wind is available to power your generator and also how much space is available to fit a panel or generator. For most situations a separate power source is required for a satisfactory long term installation.