Pumps for all marine applications. Engine cooling, Bilge, Deckwash, Freshwater.
Bronze Engine Cooling Pumps (37)
Raw water (river water or seawater) is pumped directly through the cylinder block, exhaust manifold, exhaust silencer (if fitted) and exhaust pipe.Manufacturers of direct-cooled marine engines design them carefully to minimise corrosion in the cooling passages in the engine block. It is possible to convert ('marinise') a standard car engine using direct cooling, and many small craft owners do it successfully.
Bronze Engine Cooling Pumps
Pressurised Fresh Water Pumps (48)
The size and shape of your vessel or vehicle, and the number of water outlets you require, will determine the size of the pump and the other system components, and how much pipework you will need. This schematic diagram depicts a typical system, and shows how the components are linked. Click on the diagram to open a window with a larger version.
Pressurised Fresh Water Pumps
Bilge Pumps (126)
Wave splash, rain, deckwash, spillage, hull leakage - few bilges remain entirely dry for long. When the bilge is being pumped out routinely, the flow rate is not usually critical. The pump needs to be reliable, efficient and easy to use.
Bilge Pumps
Rule Submersible Pumps & Accessories (99)
With high flow rates and low battery drain DC submersible pumps transfer water quietly and efficiently against low heads. Flow rate falls rapidly as the discharge head rises. Use the recommended hose size: undersized hose won't harm the pump but you will get significantly less flow. A good choice for light, intermittent duties handling cleanish bilge water.
Rule Submersible Pumps & Accessories
Deck & Anchor Wash Pumps (28)
Too much pressure can damage paintwork and other surfaces; too little pressure won't shift the dirt. JABSCO pressure-controlled deck wash pumps generate a vigorous jet of water to wash away mud and slime without damage to the surface underneath. The pump stops and starts automatically at the touch of a trigger, giving you full control over the flow and direction of the jet.
Deck & Anchor Wash Pumps
Sink & Shower Drain Pumps (8)
Sink and shower waste is tough on pumps! Abrasive grit, soft solids with a tendency to clog, hair that can wrap itself around shafts and interfere with seals... choose a quality pump that will last the course. Protect the pump with a suitable inlet strainer, use a hair-and-grit-tolerant pump - or fit a JABSCO shower sump pump kit with an integral strainer.
Sink & Shower Drain Pumps
Versatile 'Utility' Pumps (14)
Available in a range of AC and DC voltages, JABSCO Utility Pumps combine the advantages of rapid self-priming, the ability to handle water containing solid matter, and built-in protection against dry-running. Many pumps besides JABSCO offer one or other of these advantages - but very few offer all three, and none of them at a comparable price.
Versatile 'Utility' Pumps
Diesel & Oil Transfer Pumps (38)
JABSCO D.C. sliding-vane pumps are purpose-designed to handle diesel fuel, gas oil, kerosene and paraffin rapidly and efficiently, delivering high flow rates with minimal battery drain. Positive sliding-vane action ensures quick self-priming from dry. Unlike a centrifugal pump, the JABSCO sliding-vane pump clears most of the residual fuel from the hose when the supply vessel is empty.
Diesel & Oil Transfer Pumps
Circulation Pumps (9)
Circulation pumps are designed to create a flow of liquid against low resistance. Because the liquid returns to its starting point, the net static head is zero, and the only resistance to flow is the friction offered by the pipe walls, bends, elbows and other fittings in the circuit. Use pipework with a bore at least as large as the nominal bore of the pump ports.
Circulation Pumps
Fire Pumps
In most situations on small vessels a standard small fire extinguisher, a diverted bilge or deck wash pump will be all that's needed. However on commercial or larger leisure boats there are often laws and regulation to comply with necessitating specific fire pumps to be installed with more specific performance criteria. In simple terms the requirement of a fire pump is to be able to control and possibly extinguish a fire from a safe distance. A minimal discharge pressure is required from the pump to overcome the safety distance, after that it is a question of approach. Volume of water can be applied as one approach, pressure is the alternative. Pumps will produce higher flow rates at low pressure (head), as pressure increases flow will decrease.
Fire Pumps
Toilet Waste Pumps (10)
- "Why do I need a macerator pump?"Because a uniform slurry is more easily pumped than raw toilet waste.Whether discharge is overboard (at sea), or from a holding tank to a shore pump-out station, waste that has been macerated is pumped faster, with less risk of annoying and unpleasant blockages, and with less load on the pump.JABSCO macerator pumps have 38mm (1½") bore inlet ports for efficient handling of solids. The pump takes in raw waste, and grinds it to a consistency that can be safely discharged via 25mm (1") bore pipework.IMPORTANT NOTE:- JABSCO macerator pumps are designed to handle normal toilet waste and easily-disintegrated toilet tissues. They will not handle high wet-strength tissues, sanitary towels, napkins, diapers, rags or hard objects.- Pumping out the toilet waste holding tankNever the most welcome of tasks, emptying the toilet waste holding tank requires a robust reliable pump that will do the job with the minimum of fuss.If a shore pump-out station can do the job for you - no problem! But for the times when you need your own pump on board, choose a JABSCO electric or manually-operated pump designed for the purpose - simple, efficient and fully serviceable.- No Jabsco pump should be used for petrol, solvents or any liquid with a flash point below 37oC( 98oF)-
Toilet Waste Pumps